skirting board

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What is skirting board?

Skirting boards are boards which are made of wood, stone, or plastic installing at the bottom of the walls, on the ground. They are not only used for decorating the margin of the walls, but also they are used for protecting the surface of them against damages caused by object’s impact, and

The most novel type of skirting board is polystyrene skirting board. It is actually made of several layers of different types of plastic which provides resistance against moisture and climate change, washability, flexibility, and ease to make various and unique sketches and various colors.


Types of Pars Frame’s skirting board

Pars Frame’s polystyrene skirting board

  • Flexibility and capability of creating arched and spiral forms
  • Waterproof and easy to wash
  • Antibacterial and resistance against nature’s factors, moisture, fungals, and vermin
  • Free of any formaldehyde gas or unstable organic compounds unlike MDF and other similar products
  • Durability, hardness and appropriate linear expansion
  • Resistant to destruction, corrosion and impact
  • Dimensional stability and minimum deformation under load pressure
  • Hardness and resistant to external influences
  • Long useful life and low maintenance costs even in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Nowadays, colored polystyrene skirting boards with a variety of colors and unique designs, which have replaced stone skirting in modern architecture.
  • Reliable because of ever-accessibility of pre-manufactured products in the market in terms of layout because of the domestic production of our products