Types of wall panels

Types of wall panels Due to respect manufacturing principles in producing connection fasteners of two wall panels, Pars Frame’s wall panels are not only facilitating the process of installation and rapid, but also keeping the sealed feature of their surface; besides, polystyrene unique combination and existence of air between their layers lead to reduction of […]


Supplementary accessories

Types of supplementary accessories Among their prominent features of polystyrene wall panels, we can mention that they are resistance against sudden and local impacts and they are flexible, easy to wash, antibacterial and anti vermin, as well as they are clean of any kinds of formaldehyde or other unstable organic compounds, just unlike MDF and […]


skirting board

Obviously, it is easier and more successful to choose if you get familiar with something! !   What is skirting board? Skirting boards are boards which are made of wood, stone, or plastic installing at the bottom of the walls, on the ground. They are not only used for decorating the margin of the walls, […]